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21 sts. X 28 sts = 10 cm (4 inches)

4 skeins (400 grams) LHO Bruma


Circular Needles 3.00 mm and 4.00 mm
Double pointed Needles 3.00 mm and 4 mm

KFB: Knit front and back increase for raglan seam shaping
PM: place marker
SM: slip marker

 This square neck sweater is knitted from the top-down. It’s very comfortable since it’s not fitted to the body yet not oversized. The pattern is not a detailed explanation; it’s only the basic notions of how I did it, assuming that this won’t be your first top-down!!


Cast on 168 stitches (I used the long-tail cast on method) on a circular needle 3mm and place a marker. Work 2x2 ribbing for 2 inches.
Once you finish the ribbing switch to needles 4.00 mm. and work like this:

Knit the first row without increases or the flame chevron pattern. For the second row knit 27 kfb sm kfb, knit 27 kfb sm kfb work the first row of the flame chevron pattern over the next 55 sts, kfb sm kfb, knit 27 kfb sm kfb and knit 27. Keep on knitting the yoke making increases every 3 rows (19 increases in all) until you get this…


On the first row you’ll start with 5 complete panels, as you knit with the increases you’ll get one more on each side and the last ones won’t have all the stitches but they’ll look fine anyway!. So you’ll get 7 complete panels (77 stitches) and 2 incomplete ones (ONE WITH 9 AND THE OTHER WITH 10) UPS!
The stitch pattern I used was taken from http://www.knitty.com/. This is the chart (I placed markers every 11 stitches to make it easier to follow the pattern)


Knit until you reach the first stitch marker, remove the marker and place all of the stitches between this and the following marker on a stitch holder (1 sleeve). Go on knitting until you get to the next marker, take away the markers and place all the stitches between here and the next markers on a stitch holder (2 sleeve) knit to the end.

All the stitches you have on the needle will be the rest of the body which has no waist shaping and it’s actually quite loose.  You will work all the back stitches in stockinette stitch and the front following the flame chevron chart. When body reaches the desired length, you will begin, work in k2 p2 ribbing for 2 inches and then bind off loosely.

Pick up the 66 stitches and work in the round with circular or double pointed needles. Place a marker and make 1 decrease on each side of the marker every 10 rows until you get 48 stitches. Change to double pointed needles 3.00 mm and work 2x2 ribbing for 3 inches.

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